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Having nearly 20 years of experience forged in our kitchen, Szechuan Gourmet 39 is a believer in infalliable quality and consistency. A team of the finest chefs specially trained in the art of shaping the bright flavors of Szechuan cuisine ensures that the heart of the culture remains awake and dynamic in all of our dishes. We strive to deliver a robust and full-bodied culinary experience that vividly transports you to our own memories of childhood and maturation in the Sichuan province. Reflecting the sentiment of the unifying power of food, Szechuan Gourmet 39 advocates that good food should be accessible to anyone which is why we have options for everyone at every price. Our commitment to our cultural passion has amassed attention from multiple esteemed platforms and culinary leaders, even securing a spot on the Michelin Bib Gourmand list. We hope to welcome you into our home and share our exceptional culture with you.

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The birth of Szechuan cuisine originated from the Sichuan province where peaky mountains surround a calm basin, creating days with heavy rain and fog. These conditions led to the red pepper becoming central to the regional cuisine. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that red pepper counteracts the damp chilliness that seeps into the body and restores much needed equilibrium. The breadth of creativity and flavors that resulted from this environment spread into neighboring regions until it became the internationally recognizable cuisine it is today. Famed for its mouth-numbing dishes that wonderfully accompanies a colorless day, Szechuan food has established itself as the perfect comfort food for lovers of bold flavors.

Beijing Deck

Signature Grilled Fish

  • Complex and layered, filled with bright cherry, blackberry, black currant and herbs.

Fried Pork Dumplings

  • Complex and layered, filled with bright cherry, blackberry, black currant and herbs.