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Szechuan GourmetBelieves in infallible quality and consistency

Szechuan Gourmet is a seven-time Michelin Recommended Chinese restaurant in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan. Szechuan Gourmet believes in infallible quality and consistency. A team of the finest chefs is specially trained in the art of shaping the bright flavors of Szechuan cuisine. They ensure that the heart of the culture remains awake and dynamic in all of their dishes. Szechuan Gourmet’s commitment to cultural passion has amassed attention from multiple esteemed platforms and culinary leaders, even securing a spot on the Michelin Bib Gourmand list. Their priority is sharing exceptional culture and meals with their customers.

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Chef Huang of Szechuan Gourmet journeyed to New York City on the wings of passion. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Huang has designed an eclectic menu. It incorporates old-school Szechuan spice with contemporary flavors.

With dishes composed of ingredients shipped freshly from China, Chef Huang explains that the most important way to understand heritage is through delectable cuisine. Chef Huang recalls his restaurant’s founding with tenderness and esteem:

I knew I needed to bring the taste of home to New York. I had the skills but needed the experience, so I started with food delivery and worked my way up. I serve our customers traditional flavors and the culture of Szechuan. Heritage and history are ingrained in all of our recipes and I am proud to serve them.


Generations of recipes combined with a fervor for traditional spice, Szechuan Gourmet brings the heat as one of New York’s first Szechuan restaurants.

A slow burn of authentic spice tingles the taste buds in a way like no other. A twirl of authentic soba noodles serves as transportation to the Sichuan province where heritage originates and flavors are born.

The classic spices and sauces used by Szechuan Gourmet have amassed a following, as the restaurant enjoys numerous accolades. Michelin Guide recommended for 7 years, the culinary experience is dynamic and robust.

With guests ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to The Seventeenth Karmapa and food critic Frank Bruni, Szechuan Gourmet continues to present revolutionary dishes to a wide range of customers. Each one is treated as family, sensually awakened with the spice of Szechuan flavors, and comforted by the authenticity of each dish.

Chef Huang is proud to serve dishes from his home and proud to be a proponent of the gastronomic revolution that is Szechuan cuisine. For more information and to make a reservation at Szechuan Gourmet, visit szechuangourmet39.com

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